1. Going to Phom Penh?

  2. Studying abroad in Shanghai changed my life for the better.

  3. Traveling alone is …. _______________

  4. I saw everything Yogyakarta had in 10 hours. Well, almost everything.

  5. Don’t let your relationship status prevent you from going overseas. Here’s why. 

  7. mothernaturenetwork:

    Looking to hire? Have you considered a cat?
    A new SPCA program wants to get more cats out of shelters and into businesses and office spaces.


  8. Read my latest article on Thought Catalog about why you should stop putting off marriage and tie the knot sooner, not later.


  9. Taking a break from my travels and travel writing to teach myself how to code. Will be blogging about it along the way and giving my opinion on just a few of the massive amounts of resources out there.

    Stay tuned!

  10. Cambodia’s first private island resort, Song Saa

    (Source: conciergedotcom, via backpackingaroundasia)

  11. I miss the time I climbed to the top of a mountain without knowing what was at the top and came across one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Cambodia. The good old days… Only two months ago. #Cambodia #travel #Asia


  13. Remember that time I went to #borobudur … I do! #Yogyakarta #Indonesia #travel

  14. Because…. why not.. #brewworks #Bethlehem #aftereasterparty #detoxtomorrow #promise #seriouslythough


  15. "To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive."
    — Robert Louis Stevenson (via roadlessco)